Daintree Beach Resort - Resort Rules


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  • A licensee ie. a registered site occupant, and members of his/her family or household and his/her guests, agents and invitees (hereafter called the licensee) shall not use his/her site for any purpose that may be illegal or damaging to the reputation of the Licensor or his/her agents or occupiers of other sites, ow which may interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of another site by its occupiers, or which may interfere with the general management of the Resort.
  • The person whose name appears on the official booking is deemed to be the licensee and is responsible for all members of the party and visitors.


  • All fees must be paid in advance.
  • Site fees are calculated from 2pm of the day of arrival to 10am of the day of departure. If your site is ready prior to this time, we will send you an SMS advising that you can come to the park.
  • On-site accommodation fees are calculated from 2pm of the day of arrival to 10am of the day of departure.
  • Unless alternative arrangements have been made with the General Manager, occupancy exceeding the above stated hours, will be charged as an additional day.
  • Visitors staying overnight must be paid for in advance at the prescribed fee.


  • Fees charged are for one vehicle per site.
  • Additional vehicles, including boat and trailers and overnight visitors cars, shall be admitted only with the prior approval of the General Manager, subject to suitable parking space being available and prepayment of a fee prescribed for additional vehicles. Extra vehicle fee is $15 per day in peak season and $7 at all other times.
  • The SPEED LIMIT for all vehicles in the resort is 10 km/h. Any breach of this rule will result in vehicles being required to park in visitors car parking.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way at all times.
  • Major caravan or vehicle repairs are not permitted in the Resort. Any requirement to undertake minor repairs or maintenance on the site must have prior approval of the General Manager and should be undertaken in the carpark.
  • Unregistered motor vehicles are not permitted in the Resort.
  • Vehicle washing is permitted (subject to applicable water restrictions) only in the designated area. Subject to specific approval by the General Manager and prevailing ground and weather conditions, caravans and vehicles may be washed on site provided that heavy or corrosive solvents are not used and that there is no resultant deposit of road trash or petroleum products.


  • Guests may stay at, and make bookings for, Daintree Beach Resort for up to 90 days. Should a guest wish to extend their stay it will be at the discretion of the General Manager and only if it is adequately demonstrated that the purpose of the guests stay is for holiday purposes.
  • Guests may be allowed to stay up to a maximum of 120 days as a part of their total stay.
  • Guests staying for longer periods must be cognisant that Daintree Beach Resort is a tourism operation. Sites are required to be kept clean and tidy with no permanent structures, gardens (including pot plants), additional vehicles/boats or clothes lines erected.


  • As per government legislation, guests accompanied by a certified Assistance Animal must comply with the identification procedure. This includes always having the approved identity card available for inspection and ensuring the animal is wearing an identifying coat.
  • Queensland Health guidelines apply to our Resort operations. Please note that Assistance Animals are not allowed in swimming pools. Whilst they are allowed to enter the facility, they may not enter the water.


  • The use of the resorts barbeques & camp kitchen areas are permitted between the hours of 7am and 10.00pm daily. Please leave the area in a clean and tidy condition. Children under the age of 16 years must be under the supervision of a responsible adult.


  • Dog friendly powered site accommodation is available. All pets must be on a lead at all times and owners must clean up after their animals.


  • Parents/guardians are responsible for the children in their care in the resort and are required to supervise their behaviour.
  • Children under the age of twelve years are not permitted in the showers, toilets or laundries unless attended by an adult or teenage person.
  • Children under the age of twelve years are not permitted in the swimming pool enclosure unless attended by an adult or competent teenage swimmer.


  • The riding of skateboards, roller skates and blades is strictly prohibited in the Resort.
  • Motorised scooters are also strictly prohibited.
  • Subject to normal road rules, bicycles/scooters may be ridden on the Resort roads but not on pathways or grassed areas. Effective front and rear lighting is mandatory on the bicycles/scooters ridden after dark and BMX-type activities are not permitted at any time.
  • Bicycles/scooters are subject to the same speed limit as motor vehicles in the Resort.
  • The registered site holder/licensee is responsible for the control of any bicycle/scooter rider residing on or visiting his/her site and is liable for any claim, suit, action or demand that may be brought against the rider, General Manager, or Saltwater Properties resulting from injury or death or property damage of any guest, tenant or visitor to the Resort, caused by the bicycle/scooter rider.


  • Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
  • Saturday & Sunday - 9am to 5pm


  • Only 15 amp power cords with 15 amp terminals at each end shall be used to connect moveable dwelling to the parks electrical supply outlets. Any supply lead used should be between 10 metres (minimum) and 15 metres (maximum) in length.
  • Electricity will only be supplied to tents and camper trailers without fixed inlet points where an approved earth leakage safety cut out device is connected to the main supply line.
  • To avoid underground electricity and water services, pegs or anchor stakes may be driven into the ground to a maximum depth of 400mm.
  • Generators are not to be used within the Resort.


  • The site allocated to the licensee must be kept clean and tidy at all times in line with management standards.
  • Upon entry observe and advise us of any damage to the utility services. Upon exit turn off the water tap and electricity connection.
  • No surplus equipment or property is to be left on the ground outside or under tents, caravans or annexes.
  • Temporary clothes lines are not permitted.
  • Sullage water and sewage shall be discharged into the dump point provided.
  • Waste pipes and drains shall not be used for any purpose other than those for which they were constructed and no sweepings or rubbish or other unsuitable substance shall be deposited therein. Any damage or blockage to such waster pipes or drains from misuse or negligence shall be the responsibility of the licensee whether the same is caused by his own actions or those members of his/her household or guests.
  • Removal, planting or damaging of trees and shrubs is prohibited.
  • The licensee shall not paint, affix or display any signs, notices, posters, placards, banners or like matter to or on part of his dwelling or the site or fixtures on the site without the prior consent of the Resort General Manager.
  • For sites with no grey water disposal, grey water is to be collected and disposed of into the designated dump point. All Black water is to be disposed of at the designated dump point. Place all service connections to your van, vehicle or tent so as not to cause a nuisance to neighbouring sites and management in maintaining the surrounding site area. Park your vehicles, caravan and/or trailer within the site boundaries


  • Undue noise is prohibited at all times.
  • No licensee may make or permit any objectionable noise in the Resort thereby interfering with the peaceful enjoyment of the other occupiers, those having business with them or of any person lawfully using the common property.
  • All musical instruments, radios, sound recorders and amplifier television receivers and the like shall be controlled so that the sound arising from it is reasonable and does not cause annoyance to other occupiers.
  • Licensees shall not conduct social gatherings on their site or elsewhere in the Resort, which gives rise to any noise that interferes with the peace and quiet of any other occupier at any time of the day or night.


    Licensees and their guests are expected to exercise reasonable economies of time and materials when using the resort amenities.
  • Hot water taps must not be left running into unplugged tubs or basins.
  • Showers must not be occupied for more than ten minutes per person and the shower must not be run for more than five minutes per occupancy.
  • Day visitors are not entitled to use the showers without payment of the prescribed fee. Laundry must be removed from the washing machines and clothes dryers as soon as possible after the cycle is completed.
  • Children are not permitted to play in the amenities blocks.
  • Any faulty equipment, leaking taps or cisterns should be notified to resort staff as soon as is practical after they are detected.
  • The clothes line is available adjacent to the main amenities block. Personal temporary lines may be set up on your own caravan sites. Campers are asked not to string up temporary lines in the unpowered camping sites.


  • The Pool area is only available for use by residents, guests and their registered visitors.
  • Children under 12 years of age must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  • No one is to permit any child or person who cannot swim to enter the pool enclosure unless they are supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
  • Pool users must not do anything that would endanger any other person and must abide by the pool rules displayed within the pool area. Current pool opening times are 7am to 8.00pm daily.
  • Children who are not yet toilet trained must wear swimming nappies whilst in the pool.


  • All garbage must be placed in the receptacles or the areas provided for the purpose. In the interests of hygiene and to minimise offensive odours, all domestic rubbish must be wrapped or bagged before being placed in the collection bins.
  • Recyclable materials should be placed in the designated containers. Please note the signs that indicate the materials that are suitable for deposit in the recycling bins.
  • The Resort garbage disposal facilities are not to be used for the dumping of disused furniture, white goods, machinery, car parts, building materials, large tree limbs and the like. Licensees are responsible for disposal of such items at authorised rubbish tips outside the Resort.
  • Littering is not acceptable behaviour in this Resort.


  • Guests shall not waste water and shall ensure that all taps in their dwelling or on their site, are promptly turned off after use and have washers maintained in good order and condition. Please notify the Resort Staff of faulty taps.
  • Hawking of goods or services and religious canvassing is not permitted in the Resort. Legitimate charity collections and sale of registered raffle tickets in the Resort, must have prior approval of the General Manager.
  • Open fires are not permitted in any area of the resort or beach.
  • Notwithstanding any restriction or amenity set out in the Resort Rules herein above, all guests, their visitors and invitees shall observe the terms of any notice displayed by the Resort Management or of any Statutory Authority affecting operations and activities in the Park.
  • Resort management, for environmental reasons, are committed to preserving flora and fauna. Trees within the park are inspected and maintained, as necessary, on a regular basis however the Resort management can guarantee the integrity of trees which may fail or partially fail for varying reasons, such as natural causes, adverse weather or unidentifiable disease, which are matters outside of their control. For their own safety, guests are advised to exercise due caution in the proximity of trees. We advise that guests should not walk under coconut trees.
  • Fish & Fish Cleaning - This can be done at the car wash area. You must bag all scraps and place into designated FISH BIN
  • Boat launching from the beach - Douglas Shire does not permit any guests of this park to access any area of the beach from our property. No boats are to be launched from this site. The closest boat ramp is at Rocky Point.
  • Fires on the beach - no fires permitted on the beach directly in front Daintree Beach Resort.


  • The emergency assembly area is located at the visitor car park, unless otherwise directed by staff. A map of the resort showing our assembly points is displayed in the large amenity block Laundry.
  • In case of an emergency please make your way immediately to the assembly area and follow instruction from the park wardens.


  • Upon entry into the cabin please observe and advise us immediately of any breakages or items out of order.
  • Please leave the kitchen as you found it. Wash, dry and return all dishes to their allocated areas.
  • All breakages and damages must be reported to Reception staff prior to your departure. Management reserves the right to charge your credit card for any outstanding charges that apply to your booking. This includes extra cleaning, excess rubbish removal, additional unpaid guests, extended stays, late checkouts, property theft, any repairs or damage to park property.
  • Australian standards state that in the interest of safety, children under the age of 9 years of age should not sleep on top bunks and children should not play on bunk beds.
  • SMART TVs are located in each cabin. Username and Password information for the wifi will be given at Check In.


  • Visitors are reminded that they are in Croc Territory and should be croc wise when close to water - just because you cant see a crocodile doesnt mean there is not one close by. Should you see a crocodile in the vicinity of the Resort please make Resort management aware as soon as practicable. Further information on being Crocwise can be found via this link:
  • https://environment.des.qld.gov.au/wildlife/animals/living-with/crocodiles/croc-wise
  • Given the Resorts location native fauna can often be found in the park - this includes snakes. It is advisable to carry and use a torch at night when moving around the Resort.